How to Become Motor Insurance Agent in India

To be able to drive on Indian roadways, you must have automobile insurance. Driving without insurance on public roadways is prohibited. Third-party policy and package policy are the 2 types. Although package policies can be optional, third-party insurance must be purchased. Learn more about motor insurance and its types of it. We will be learning how to become an agent for motor insurance.

Today, nearly every home has a vehicle of some sort. As mentioned, every vehicle should have insurance. As a car agent, you may earn a lot of money. Today’s post will discuss how to become an insurance agent for motor vehicles. 

How to become a Motor Insurance Agent?

To become an agent for vehicle insurance companies, you must follow the same process. You can become an agent of any insurance company by following these steps:

First, ensure sure the general insurance provider whose policies you seek to sell is recognised by IRDAI.

Look for a company that has more insurance policies in your area. This will make selling the policy easier. Speak with the manager at the company’s office.

The sales manager at the insurance company will then ask you questions to determine if you are qualified to be a motor insurance agent. These questions include why you want the position, your qualifications, and why you would like to sell our policy.

If the sales manager believes that you are qualified to become an agent for vehicle insurance, he will add your name to the company’s training roster.

You will now receive 25 to 50 hours of training. You will learn about what a motor policy is, the types of it, and how to choose the right policy.

After your training, you’ll need to pass the IRDAI Motor Insurance Agent exam. On the test, you will be given the same questions that you learned in training. India’s insurance industry is governed by a government organisation called the IRDAI. Its rules state that to be an insurance agent for a company you must pass the IC 33 and IC 38 exams. This is required in order to become an insurance agent. The insurance company can’t issue licenses for agents without it.

The insurance company will issue you a motor insurance agent license after you pass the exam. The insurance company will issue you a license to be able sell the policy.

Answers to frequently asked questions about how to become an insurance agent for motor vehicles

What is the job description of a motor insurance agent?

A motor insurance agent can be a person who is recognized by an insurance company and can sell vehicle insurance policies to individuals.

What is the commission for a vehicle insurance agent?

The insurance company does not pay the agent any salary. A vehicle insurance agent earns a commission. A declared commission is based on the number of policies sold by the agent. It can range from 10% to 15%. The number of policies an agent sells will depend on how many. He will earn more commission for every policy sold.

The benefit of this is that the agent obtains a commission each time a customer renews their insurance.

Benefits of Becoming a Motor Insurance Agent

  • Freedom to work: You are free to choose the hours you work. It is possible to work on it part-time. You can do it as a part-time job. This profession does not require you to quit your job.
  • There is no investment required to enter this field.
  • Your training will be provided by the insurance company once you are certified as a vehicle insurance agent. You will be trained by professionals in this field. This increases confidence and improves your ability to communicate with people.
  • You can earn additional income by becoming an agent in insurance if you don’t want to quit your job.

What qualifications are required to be a vehicle insurance agent?

You do not require any special qualifications to become a motor agent for an insurance company. At least 12th or equivalent class must be passed (where the applicant lives in an area with five thousand or more people according to the last census. You should also have 18 years of age.

This qualification is required to become a motor insurer agent.

The candidate must complete at least 50 hours of training before being granted a license for the first time. The insurance provider provides this instruction. This explains how auto insurance applications operate.


In conclusion, becoming a motor insurance agent in India requires minimum education, obtaining a license from IRDAI, selecting a reputable insurance company, completing training, and starting to sell policies.  By following the steps outlined above, you can take the first step toward a successful career in the insurance industry. Stay informed about the latest regulations and guidelines from IRDAI and continue to educate yourself about the motor insurance market to remain competitive and successful as a motor insurance agent in India.

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